Lemon Crusted Salmon and Roasted Green Beans

I make all of our recipes just to fit the two people that are eating it. So for this, I usually do 2-3 salmon fillets (depending on how big they are) and about 1 pound of green beans or enough to fill the pan. I don’t put measurements because this kind of cooking is easy to adjust for the people that are eating so you don’t have a bunch of leftovers. I don’t know about you but the fewer leftovers taking up space in my fridge, the better! I’m trying to make these recipes as easy and simple as possible for those who want a tasty home-cooked meal without the mess of multiple dishes or hours of preparation.

This recipe should take only a total of 20-30 minutes.

Supplies you’ll need:


Wash/scrub your potatoes, cut them into 1 inch cubes, and set aside.

Snap the ends off the green beans. I only do the end that was connected to the vine, unless the other end looks bad.

Snap off this end.

Once you’re done, spread them out on a large cookie sheet with edges.

Drizzle with olive oil until coated and then spread them out to the edges (so that the middle of the pan is empty). Make sure to keep beans separate though. They should not be on top of each other.

Sprinkle beans liberally with kosher salt (or however much you want, depending on your saltiness preference).

The middle of the pan should have oil on it from pouring it over the green beans.

Lay the salmon fillets spaced apart, skin side down in the middle of the cookie sheet.

Sprinkle with garlic powder, cayenne (just a little if you don’t like it spicy), salt + pepper.

Slice lemon thinly and lay on top of the salmon fillets or splash with about 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

Set oven to broil on Hi. Place cookie sheet on the middle rack and let it broil for 12 minutes.

Skillet Potatoes

Meanwhile, heat a large pan over medium-high heat.

Once it’s hot, drizzle olive oil in the bottom of the pan and throw in cubed potatoes.

Stir around in the oil so that they’re coated and then sprinkle liberally with garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, smoked paprika, and salt + pepper.

Potatoes sprinkled liberally with spices.

Cook them in the pan for 10-15 minutes or until browned, which should have them ready around the same time as your salmon and green beans.

I serve our salmon with this caper dill sauce.

And that’s it, told you it’d be easy! Enjoy your (mostly) healthy, simple meal.

Until next time, friends!

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