Hello there!

I’m Audrey (I like to pretend that I’m named after Audrey Hepburn, but alas, I am not).  I’m passionate about quite a few things, but the top contenders are Jesus, my husband, fields full of wildflowers, coffee, books, and cherished time with family and friends.

I love beautiful things, but I mean, who doesn’t? I really appreciate intricate details that are easy to skip over in our hectic, stressful lives. You’ll see that when I share about our wedding day. I love anything and everything that is old-fashioned, especially if it has character and meaning. I can get lost in wishing I was living in a different, classier era, but then realize I am here in this time for a reason.

“Perhaps you were made for such a time as this.” Esther 4:14

Let me start off by thanking you. If you’ve clicked on this page, it means one way or another you are on my website, and that is so, so exciting and means the world to me! So thank you from the bottom of my heart. My hope is that God would use this platform to share with you the realizations He’s shared with me.

Where It All Began

The initial thought of starting a blog began about a year ago. I had just gotten married to my wonderful husband, Cortland. We have to travel a lot for my husband’s job, so I couldn’t work. I absolutely love cooking, and since I had so much time on my hands, I would try to make every meal delicious and spectacular, which of course always worked (that’s a joke). Our first apartment actually got christened by not one, but two small fires as a result. Thankfully (or maybe not so much) our fire alarms apparently didn’t work because they never went off, even when we had to retreat to the bedroom and stuff towels under the door so the smoke wouldn’t choke us to death. Anyway, the meals that did turn out well, I loved remembering by taking pictures.  Like I said, I love beautiful things, and half of the fun for me was the presentation. A few people told me I should start a blog, but since all I was doing was making the food by copying a recipe and not actually creating anything, I didn’t think that would be very interesting to most people. I put it out of my mind for a while, but it seemed to always creep back in every once in a while.


A few months later, I started doing a Bible study called Precept Upon Precept, which takes you through different books of the Bible in an extremely in-depth way. A lot of times at the end of each lesson, it suggests writing a poem or prayer to respond to what God has just shown you. My version of that was to write an email to myself that I could always go back and read to be reminded of God’s faithfulness. My mind was often blown by all God had revealed to me and even took me further and further, past what I had discovered through the study. For a long time, I continued doing this, until I had an inbox full of emails to myself that only I was seeing. God had been gracious enough to share them with me, and I started feeling selfish by keeping them to myself. We are called to share Him with the world. If I was getting so much out of all He was giving me, I felt compelled to bless others with His words. From that point on, I felt Him pushing me even more often to share it with people. I would sometimes post on Facebook or IG, but felt like people usually just brush that off because often they’re not looking to read a long post on social media. So I continued to pray and consider writing a blog. I was nervous and wanted to make sure it was His will.  I want to build up His kingdom, not my own.  It’s so tempting to build up your own kingdom here on earth, and I believe that now more than ever with social media at our fingertips.

Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples. Psalm 96:3


The next installment of the long process of me working up enough courage to start writing, was all the traveling we do. We both love it and have gotten to experience so many wonderful places and meet lovely people! I want to be able to share that with you all, and it’s also a great way for my husband and I to remember our travels!


We’ve already lived in three different cities in the year we’ve been married, and it hasn’t always been places I was able to decorate. However, when we are living somewhere I am allowed to decorate, I absolutely love beautifying our surroundings where we spend most of our time together. It brings me joy, and even if he doesn’t care about every tiny detail, my husband also loves coming back to a place I’ve made into a home for us. Thus, I may be sharing a few of our decorations here and there!

So! With all that adding up, I finally felt truly led to write a blog.  I want it to be mostly focused on Jesus because He is who I am most passionate about over everything else in my life, but I’d also love to share our travels and decorating tips with you!

Thank you!

Thank you again for discovering my tiny nook of the vast World Wide Web, and an extra thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you’ll enjoy coming alongside me on this journey of life!

I hope you see this as encouragement if you are considering writing a blog.

And if you’re here to follow along, please share what categories you’d like me most to focus on. Ask me a question. Send a suggestion. I’d love to hear from you!